LUIGI ZUCCOLI (1815-1876)

LUIGI ZUCCOLI (1815-1876)

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W: 22cm (8.7")H: 18cm (7.1")

Luigi Zuccoli (Italian, 1815-1876)

'' Candidate for Confirmation ''

Oil on panel

8.5 x 7 in (22 x 18 cm) framed approx


Fine 19th century oil on panel portrait of a young girl by Luigi Zuccoli. Excellent quality and condition portrait of the young Italian girl in her confirmation headdress and red necklace. Presented in a swept gilt wood and composition frame.


Ready to hang.

Artist information:

Luigi Zuccoli was a native of Milan and a member of the Academy there. He frequented the school of Pelagio Palagi, although his style became different. In 1855, Zuccoli sent the painting "The First Christian Martyrs" to the exhibition of the Imperial Academy of Arts and was highly appreciated by the critic Vasily Botkin in terms of strength, light and color.

His works, which were chiefly genre scenes or scenes from Italian domestic life, won considerable popularity beyond his native country. He travelled to England in 1860, and lived there for five years: he painted an episode in the Revolution of 1848 at Milan to the 1862 Exhibition, and also occasionally exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1864 and 1871. He also travelled in Belgium. He died in Milan, after a short illness, on January 5, 1876.