André Beaucé (1911-1974)

André Beaucé (1911-1974)

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W: 65cm (25.6")H: 46cm (18.1")

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A wonderful 1950's French expressionist oil on canvas depicting figures at a fairground, by Parisian artist André Beaucé.

Excellent quality work painted with thick impasto brush work. Signed lower left.

Artist: André Beaucé (French, 1911-1974)
Title: At The Fairground
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 18 x 25.5 inches (46 x 65 cm)

André Beaucé was a French painter born on May 23, 1911 in Rennes and died on January 2, 1974 in Paris .

A pupil of the School of Fine Arts in Rennes, a graduate of the National School of Decorative Arts where he was admitted in 1932, André Beaucé was a pupil in the workshops of André Lhote and Simon, with Yves Brayer .

He won the Abd-el-Tif prize in 1946 and was a regular at the Salon d'Automne.

After having lived for several years in Algeria, and in particular at Villa Abd El Tif where he was a scholarship holder from 1946 to 1948, André Beaucé returned to France in 1949 and resumed his teaching at the Schools of Paris.

His painting is then powerfully expressionist, free from any system. In the 1950s, we notice vigorous, uncompromising, intense portraits, captured in an almost caricatural way.

The tones, always very mounted, are opposed with force in a composition cut with vigor.

After the dark years of the war, Beaucé’s art reflects a violent vision of a certain reality that is always brutal and yet magnificent.


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